Private Equity: A Casebook


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39Private Equity39 is a sophisticated applied business funds publication with a blend of sections specialized in exploring a number of subjects from an exclusive money investor39s perspective the target is to understand why and which procedures are likely to deliver suffered earnings someday the publication is an assortment of cases predicated on genuine financial decisions at different phases for process handled by seasoned sector specialists a lot of the sections manage gains money and buyout opportunities but a range of dimensions objectives and opportunities in various geographic marketplace were sealed as well These marketplace consist of several evolved economies and appearing marketplace like Asia Russia Turkey Egypt and Argentina This collection of cases is rich in institutional details details about different marketplace and sections associated with sector including different users in addition to their financial procedures really a unique understanding of the key alternative resource class

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Titulo del libro "Private Equity: A Casebook"
Registro ISBN ° 9781783089161

Publicado el Año 2019

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