The Burning Girl

por Claire Messud

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Sinopsis de The Burning Girl:

A bracing and hypnotic portrait from the complexities of female friendship from the ny hours bestselling writer of the lady Upstairs.

Julia Robinson and Cassie Burnes currently company since nursery college.

They\'ve got provided everything, including their unique need to avoid the stifling limits regarding birthplace, the peaceful community of Royston, Massachusetts.

But since the two women submit adolescence, their unique pathways diverge: while Julia arises from a stable, pleased, middle class parents, Cassie never ever know her dad, which died whenever she was actually a baby, and has an increasingly tempestuous commitment together with her solitary mother, Bev.

When Bev becomes associated with the strange Anders Shute, Cassie seems cruelly abandoned.

Disrupted, frustrated and in need of responses, she outlines on a journey that may placed her own lives in peril, and shatter her earliest friendship.

Compact, powerful, and fiercely sad, The Burning Girl has reached as soon as a story about childhood, friendship and community, and a complex study of the reports we inform our selves about childhood and friendship.

Claire Messud brilliantly mixes folklore and Bildungsroman, exploring the ways in which our very own made up reports, and their outcomes, become real.

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Titulo del libro "The Burning Girl"
Registro ISBN ° 9780708898611

Escrito por Claire Messud
Publicado el Año 2018

Idioma de publicación Castellano
Tipo de Encuadernación original Tapa Blanda