Sanaa (I) 2015 / 2020

por Publicación De Arquitec El Croquis

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Sinopsis de Sanaa (I) 2015 / 2020:

The mag converts its focus on the Japanese structure powerhouse duo of Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa within instalment, examining both their own collaborative and specific work in the last 5 years.

Accompanying its assortment of fifteen highlighted works become a text by architect Maki Onishi also a conversation between the girl and the beginning lovers of SANAA. Destacable present work range from the brand new Hitachi area Hall and Naoshima slot in Honmura (SANAA), Sumida Hokusai Museum and a new collection at Japan Women’s college (Sejima), and Jining Art Museum, an office building, and six personal residences (Nishizawa).

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Titulo del libro "Sanaa (I) 2015 / 2020"
Registro ISBN ° 9788412003475
Publicado por Editorial El Croquis
Escrito por Publicación De Arquitec El Croquis
Publicado el Año 2020
Origen del Libro España
Idioma de publicación Castellano